The BSPI : Beiter Sexuality Preference Indicator

While the BSPI© is an easy, fun and thought provoking exercise, you are also taking part in a world-wide data collection project. Once you begin the BSPI©, you will be asked to voluntarily submit some general, anonymous demographic information that will be critical in the writing of my book – The Psychology of Your Sexuality. I am collecting the data to learn about differences and similarities in how we experience our sexuality. My hope is to use the information gathered to promote a healthier, wholesome sexuality that has its basis in pleasure and not mechanical performance and that does not pathologize any particular person because of the way they chose to express their sexuality.

Understanding your own preferences is one way to begin a more thorough and complete discovery into the psychology of your sexuality. For example, if your partner orientation preference is to be the submissive one, you may realize that it is necessary to communicate to your partner that while sexual intimacy is extremely important to you, your ability to engage is dependent upon feeling desired.

The intention of the BSPI© is for you to answer a question quickly and to not over think the answer. You may feel that some questions don’t particularly apply to you, however, you must choose one of the answers as more appealing than the other. It should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

The results may intrigue you or confirm what you already knew. To get the most out of the BSPI©, you are encouraged to share your preferences with your sexual partner to gain an understanding of each other in a way that promotes a healthier and deeper level of sexual intimacy.

Disclaimer statement: The test you are about to take is confidential. No identifying information will be captured, for example your IP address or any other identifying data. The demographic information in the beginning is optional and will in no way affect your results.

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